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New Award for Classroom Teachers!

Written by Greg Clarke
May 15th, 2018

The Mathematics Association for Cottage Country has instituted a new Award for classroom teachers.

The Jack LeSage/MAC 2 Teacher Award

This award will be presented annually to a classroom teacher, who is a member of MAC2 , for contributions to mathematics education in her/his school and/or family of schools.
The award will include a certificate and will cover the registration cost for a subsequent annual conference of OAME/AOEM.

Nominations are now open until June 15th. Open up the nomination form online, and email or share it with

The award is named for one of the founders of MAC2, Jack LeSage, who has been an Executive member of the chapter multiple times, co-chair of the first OMO hosted by MAC2, and key organizer of each Annual Conference hosted in Barrie, as well as a guest editor of multiple special editions of the OAME Gazette. Jack was presented with the MAC2 LifeTime Achievement Award in September 2017 at our inaugural MAC2 reunion.

Jack was instrumental in drawing up the criteria for the award (though he had no idea we were planning to name it after him!), and has always felt that the most important part of our organization were the grassroots classroom teachers, who do the hardest and most important work day in and day out working with students. Many thanks to Bill Morrison (another founder, and the first MAC2 president) for his help/subterfuge in making this award a reality.

Details on how to apply or nominate someone for this award will be forthcoming. Inquiries can be sent to

The next meeting will be …. the MAC2 Annual Picnic & Reunion which will held Sunday September 9th, 2018 at Couchiching Beach Park, Orillia at the gazebo pavillion by the dock, along the boardwalk. The event will take place between 2 and 5, with a brief presentation at 3:30.

All current and past MAC2 members are heartily invited to come out, get caught up with old friends and colleagues, meet new friends. The inaugural awarding of the Jack Lesage / MAC2 award for classroom teachers will take place at this time.

(Nomination forms are now available online – you have until June 15th to nominate someone!)


Check out the FILES tab for information and application forms for the PD Funds Application (for conference attendance support) and the MAC2 Grant Application (for school events), as well as the newly added Nomination Form for the Jack Lesage/MAC2 Award.

OAME 2017 Sharing

Written by Greg Clarke
May 24th, 2017

At the final MAC2 meeting of the school year, Wed May 24th, those who went to OAME 2017 in Kingston for Something Completely Different, shared links to presentations they delivered, or ones they attended. Some of the links take you to handouts, slideshows from the sessions. Others are to notes taken by participants, or other relevant websites etc.. Lots of great things to investigate.

If you didn’t get a chance to go – check it out – that’s why we shared the wealth!

Google Community for MAC2!

Written by Greg Clarke
April 8th, 2017

You may also wish to explore the Google Community for MAC2 that Jonathan has setup. You can access it here ( – and if you can’t get in, email Jonathan to request permission.

Check it out – lots of neat posts – ideas – discussions!

Comparing websites

Written by Greg Clarke
June 8th, 2016

The current official MAC2 Website is this one here, created with WordPress, and is hosted on the OAME server. Now that OAME has a Google for NonProfit domain, the site could be hosted using Google Sites. Here is a comparison of the three options:

You are ON the Current MAC2 website using WordPress

Original Google Sites version

NEW Google Sites version