MAC2 Council

Written by Greg Clarke
September 1st, 2016
President: Kit Luce
Past President: Jonathan Rajalingam
Elementary Coordinator, SMCDSB
President-Elect: Sandra Peirce
OAME Chapter Rep: Paulene Washington
Teacher, SMCDSB
Secretary: Ryan Smith
Treasurer: Jeff Irwin
Teacher, TLSS, SCDSB
OMO Coordinator: Stephanie Rogers
Consultant, SMCDSB
Website / Tech Coordinator
& Acting Treasurer:
Greg Clarke
Provincial Math Lead
on leave from  SMCDSB
Councillors for 2016 – 2018:
(term expiring at 2018 AGM)
Joe Almeida
Principal, SMCDSB

Brandy Fry
Teacher, TLDSB

Tracey Nastasiuk
Teacher, St. Peter’s CSS, SMCDSB

Angela Smith
Teacher, SMCDSB

Ryan Smith
Teacher/Consultant, TLDSB

Sterling Sonego
Teacher, SCDSB

Kirk Vullings
Consultant, SMCDSB

Councillors for 2017 – 2019:
(term expiring at 2019 AGM)
Cindy Yeo
Teacher, SCDSB

Cheryl McGinnis
Teacher, SCDSB

Bruce McKay
Retired, SCDSB

Lyn Vause
Retired,  SMCDSB

Tracey Williams
Teacher, SCDSB

Shelley Yearley
Provincial Math Lead, on leave from TLDSB

Michelle Scott
Teacher, SMCDSB

Siobhain Millen
Teacher, SMCDSB

Kyla Kadlec

Many thanks to MAC2 founder and first president
whose term as councillor ended with the 2017 AGM.
Thanks for your many years of service!
Bill Morrison
Retired, SCDSB