Written by Greg Clarke
June 1st, 2016

Though MAC2 may be among the smaller chapters in terms of  membership, and the newest one to join the OAME family, it has many awards and award-winners to brag about !

OAME Life Members

John Egsgard  (1986)
Jack LeSage (1986)
Dave Davidson (1995)
Bill Morrison (2007)
Greg Clarke (2011)
Lyn Vause (2016)

Former OAME Presidents in our midst:

John Egsgard ( 1974-1975,  also NCTM President 1978-1979)
Dave Davidson (1983-1984)
Paul Pogue (1984-1985)

K.D. Fryer Award (for outstanding secondary school math departments)

Barrie North C.I. (1998)

The Award for Leadership in Mathematics Education

Patricia Steele (2010)

The Award for Creative and Exceptional Teaching in Elementary Mathematics

Jennifer Brown (2009)

Award of Appreciation and Recognition for Outstanding Leadership

OMO 1997 chairs – Bill Morrison, Jack Lesage, Paul Pogue
OAME 2002 chairs – Lyn Vause , Jon Rae, Linden Gray
OAME 2007 chairs – Lyn Vause, Joyce Smith
OMO 2010 chairs – Bill Morrison, Danielle Blair, Greg Clarke
OMO 2014 chairs – Greg Clarke, Jodi Caverzan Wells
OAME 2016 chairs – Bruce McKay, Greg Clarke