Spring MiniConference – Apr 26th, 2018 – SUCCESS!

Written by Greg Clarke
April 27th, 2018

Making Math Visual

The turnout exceeded expectations for the MAC2 Spring Mini Conference in Orillia on April 26, 2018. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal before Mark Chubb, from DSB Niagara, shared his insight into Making Math Visual. In his keynote, he engaged the group of educators from SCDSB, SCMDSB and TLDSB in sharing what we noticed and what we wondered about in photos of dice and dining tables. The subsequent dialogue revealed a wide range of mathematical insights stimulated from one image. Mark also asked participants to recreate visual images using pattern blocks and visually representing fractions. Resources referenced included @Trianglemancsd, Taking Shape and Paying Attention to Fractions.
Mark sent participants off to the breakout sessions with reflective questions, including:

  • Can all mathematics concepts in elementary school be represented visually?

  • Are some representations more helpful than others?

  • How important is it that our students notice the mathematics around them?

To learn more about Mark’s presentation, visit https://buildingmathematicians.wordpress.com/2018/05/07/making-math-visual/

Participants were then able to further explore visualization of mathematics within their specific division. For primary educators, Kathleen Corrigan and Deborah McCallum shared a range of effective strategies and resources, including mathies. Siobhain Millen and Greg Clarke connected junior/intermediate educators with visualizing using mathies tools. Secondary educators joined Ursula Irwin, who shared a number of classroom tested practices, including use of technology for assessment.
Three copies of Tracy Johnston Zager’s Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had were given as door prizes. Thanks to all who made the evening a success, including Jamie Cable, Greg Clarke, Kit Luce, Bruce McKay, and Cindy Yeo.

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