Friday’s Pi Day Art Activity

Last day of school before the big Pi Day! Today’s activities are different ways you can use circles to create art. The first is an art activity about  Tessellating a Circle The second is a an activity with creating circle designs. Since the article also contains images, it has been included for you as a pdf: Circle Designs Have fun! …

nwoameFriday’s Pi Day Art Activity

Thursday’s Pi Day Activity

Two days until the big day! Have fun celebrating with your students tomorrow. Today’s activity uses Geometer’s Sketchpad to create pi. The link for the entire document with images can be found here: Pi Day Activity GSP. Enjoy! A Recipe for Pi Open up GSP4 and select new from the File Menu. Maximize the screen. Use the Circle tool to …

nwoameThursday’s Pi Day Activity

Another Pi Day Activity

Pi Day Activities: Do or Die by the Digits of Pi This activity for the gym involves basketball shooting skills and the digits of pi. Materials needed: 1 basketball per pair or group of students and a printout of the digits of pi (can be posted on wall behind basketball net). The general premise for the game is the digits …

nwoameAnother Pi Day Activity

Pi Day Coming Soon!

This year is a very special pi day with the most number of digits being possible this Saturday, March 14 at 9:26:53! (3.14 15 926 53) To celebrate this special day, we will post classroom activities you could use on Friday to have some fun with your students too! At the bottom of each post will be a link to …

nwoamePi Day Coming Soon!

Math Olympics Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for information about this year’s Math Olympics for grade 7 and 8 students! This year the event will be held on April 25 at Superior CVI. Registration packets will be sent after March break.

nwoameMath Olympics Coming Soon!